Jun 23

Internet Speeds – Inconsistent With Your Plan?

Chances are you’re concerned whether or not your Internet connection is really as fast as your service provider said it would be. There’s a lot of controversy going around about this, usually in the form of people who believe they may have been cheated by the company. While this might be the case, it never hurts …

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Jun 14

Clean Out The Trapped Dust Bunnies in your Case

Any idea what a major contributing factor is to the failure of the electronics in your desktop computer case? Heat, Heat and more Heat. Using high graphic programs can really send your temperature thru the roof due to the high impact they have on your systems memory and graphics.  The build up of heat can …

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May 17

Linden Dollar (L$) Authorized Reseller Program

We are proud to announce that ZoHa Islands, a division of Antatek Ltd, became today an Authorized Reseller of Linden Dollars. To give Second Life users more options to purchase Linden dollars for use in Second Life, Linden Lab is piloting an Authorized Reseller Program. This program authorizes third parties to resell L$ (that they purchase …

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